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The popular television program, America's Worst Tattoos, is aired on the TLC network. This program, which features some of the country's most talented tattoo artists, is delivered in a before-and-after type of format. Hopefuls contact the show's producers in hopes of being selected to receive a tattoo update, free-of-charge, by a renowned artist. These potential candidates have tattoos they would like to have transformed (or "covered up" to use the technical term) from their current state. The tattoos they wish to cover are the results of bad choices as teenagers, drunken dares, requests from ex-girlfriends, and, in some cases, just plain bad artistry. Some of them are funny and others are just plain pitiful.

Each episode begins with the luckiest of candidates giving a clear visual of the tattoos they want to cover up, followed by the stories behind the tattoos. Some of these stories cause hysterical laughter and some can even bring tears. The story telling is followed by a planning session with a tattoo artist and then bits of the actual tattooing process are shown. At the end of each episode comes the dramatic reveal where viewers and the lucky candidates are shown the finished piece, which so far has always been well received. The results are astounding.

America's Worst Tattoos features such prominent ink artists as the young and beautiful Megan Massacre who is an alternative model and is touted as a prodigy; Jeremy Swan--musician, restaurateur, and tattoo artist extraordinaire; and Tim Pangburn who owns a tattoo shop in Jersey and has produced thousands of tattoos in his career. Interestingly enough, Tim's career specialty is in covering up hideous tattoos. All three of the show's artists are as talented as it gets and very devoted to their art.

America's Worst Tattoos is regularly seeking new candidates for the show to keep the content fresh. The show's producers receive far more requests than they could ever possibly fill. There must be a lot of unwanted tattoos out there in viewer land.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
June 21, 2012
Family, Reality
Cast: Megan Massacre, Tim Pangburn
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America's Worst Tattoos Full Episode Guide

  • A tribue tattoo goes awry.

  • Artist Megan Massacre covers a horrendous pink elephant tattoo and witnesses something she's never experienced in her 10-year career. And artist Tim Pangburn tries to fix a back tattoo that's in a bad location.

  • Tattoo artist Lisa Del Toro tries to comprehend how Amanda traded a case of beer for a tattoo. Meanwhile tattoo artist Megan Massacre breaks rule number one for cover-ups, as she reinvents her client, Isabel's, portrait tattoo.

  • Tattoo artist Tim Pangburn gets anxious when fellow artist, Megan Massacre, turns to him for help covering up one of her tattoos. Meanwhile Jeremy Swan is floored by his client, Dirk's, ‘party favor' tattoos.

  • Tattoo artist Megan Massacre faces a serious challenge when covering up Joey's funny guy tattoo. Fortunately his best friend saves the day by suggesting the portrait of a timeless movie star.

  • Tattoo Artist Jeremy Swan tackles the misplaced anger of his client, Anastasia's, youth. Meanwhile, tattoo artist Megan Massacre is forced out of her comfort zone when Rick, her client, requests a biomechanical panel.

  • A women gets her X-rated tattoo transformed.

  • A man's tattoos were designed to get revenge on ex-girlfriends; a woman's doughnut tattoo is confused with something much less appetizing; a man's tattoo doesn't do a friendship justice.

  • A "Top Chef" winner sports a loser tattoo, while a woman has a cupcake tattoo. Plus, an ill-advised homemade tattoo.

  • One man has a tattoo that his best friend continues to tease him about, a lost bet results in a bad tattoo, and a soon to be groom has a chest piece that needs to be altered before he gets married.

  • A stand-up comedian has a tattoo that's drawing uninvited laughter; a man regrets a tattoo done by an artist on LSD; a woman wants to get rid of a self-portrait.

  • A man has outgrown the tattoo he got as a teen; a fitness enthusiast dislikes a workout tattoo; a woman is ashamed of her comic tattoo.

  • A distorted merman tattoo on a burlesque dancer; a bad bet led to a man's tattoo; a shameful tattoo on a skater.

  • A woman hates her husbands lower back tattoo; and a woman made a bad deal.

  • A man with as a "See More" tattoo on his buttocks wants it transformed.

  • In the premiere a woman wants to fix an x-rated tattoo that her ex gave her.

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