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The television show, The Fosters, depicts two moms and their kids, most of whom are foster children. This loving couple takes in kids who otherwise wouldn't have a home to go to, and makes them part of their family. One of the children is the biological son of one of the moms, from her previous marriage. Even though he is her biological child, however, he is still treated just as well as the other foster children are.

The Fosters is produced by Nuyorican Productions, which is the production company of famous actress and singer, Jennifer Lopez. It airs on ABC Family, with the first season started in June of 2013. The moms of the family are played by Sherri Saum, who plays Lena, and Teri Polo, who plays Stef. Lena is the principal of a school, and it is normally her who ends up finding kids to take in. Stef is a police officer, who works with her ex-husband, Mike. He is the father of their son, Brandon, who is the only biological child in the household.

Jesus and Mariana, played by Jake T. Austin and Cierra Ramirez, are two twins that Stef and Lena adopted. They may have a family there, but still sometimes contemplate what it would be like to be back with their biological mother. It is only these three in the house, until Lena agrees to take in Callie, played by Maia Mitchell. She is fresh out of juvenile detention, and has a bad rap, but Lena still decides to give her a chance. She later takes in Callie's brother, Jude, who was left in an abusive foster home.

At first, it is uncertain how well the new family members will get along, and whether the moms really have the room to take in so many kids. They quickly grow on each other, however, and find out just how easy it is to come together as a family.

Tuesday 8:00 PM et/pt on FreeForm
5 Seasons, 97 Episodes
June 3, 2013
Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance, Soaps
Cast: Maia Mitchell, David Lambert, Cierra Ramirez, Hayden Byerly
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The Fosters Full Episode Guide

  • Stef confronts her demons and finally comes clean to Lena about what's been troubling her. Mariana and Emma find themselves going head to head, putting Poppy and Jesus in an awkward position.

  • Stef's mom comes to visit and helps Stef cope with a tough time. Meanwhile, Callie and Jude grapple with the memory of their biological mother.

  • Callie receives a surprising tip from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, Jude tries to assuage Noah's fears about his budding relationship with fellow gamer Declan.

  • Brandon and Grace plan the ultimate senior prank which ends up going a little too far. Mariana and Mat make a huge decision about the future of their relationship.

  • Callie and her friends support Ximena in a big way at a conservative anti-immigration rally and get a lot of buzz for Ximena's plight. Meanwhile, an unlikely source offers a key piece of evidence that may help save Anchor Beach from going private and the family celebrates Stef's birthday.

  • Callie actively helps to make Ximena's fight visible. Meanwhile, Brandon and Grace struggle to be intimate knowing her diagnosis and Mariana is suddenly courted by multiple suitors.

  • Ximena and Callie are still in the church seeking sanctuary from ICE. The Adams Fosters' offer support to the Sinfuego family as they struggle with their immigration status.

  • In the summer finale, it's prom night at Anchor Beach. Grace's mom has a candid conversation with Brandon, meanwhile Ximena faces a life-altering decision when ICE agents show up at prom.

  • Brandon throws a party which turns south when secrets are revealed. Mariana and Jude try to convince the students to vote against their school going private.

  • Lena's parents are back in town for a visit, while Callie and Aaron get closer than ever before. Mariana tries to get closer to Logan, but it backfires when his girlfriend catches wind of it.

  • The Fosters kids attend a party at the Derby warehouse, but things escalate quickly when the cops show up. Lena struggles when Stef starts to become obsessed with an ongoing case at work, meanwhile Brandon's relationship with Grace is put into jeopardy with Courtney back in his life.

  • Callie and Aaron discuss taking their relationship to the next level. Mariana finds fulfillment training with the Latina derby team. Brandon's new girlfriend Grace catches him playing hero to his ex-girlfriend Courtney.

  • Callie and Aaron go on their first official date. Mariana and Jude spearhead an underground school newspaper. Noah and Jude question their compatibility, while Brandon and Grace take their relationship to the next level. The moms have their new neighbors over for a family dinner party.

  • Callie gets control of her life and applies to audit art classes at a local college. Jesus distances himself from Mariana and Brandon so he can build his treehouse with Gabe alone. The Fosters get a new neighbor.

  • Stef frantically searches for Callie after she offers to help Diamond; Jesus struggles with his TBI and unleashes his anger after discovering Brandon helped Emma with a deeply-personal decision; and protests continue over Anchor Beach Charter's privatization, with Mariana leading the charge.

  • In the season finale, Callie faces a dilemma that will change her life forever. Despite her own struggles, Callie tries to help Diamond.

  • It seems just about everyone in the household is harboring a secret, but unfortunately for each of them, they all start surfacing. With Callie’s court date just around the corner, Robert’s attorneys present a defense strategy that Callie vehemently opposes.

  • Lena is overwhelmed by the demands of everyone and Stef is never around to help. Aaron invites Callie on a road trip to visit his parents.

  • Stef begins a new assignment in human trafficking and encounters a young girl turning tricks on the streets.

  • Sharon and Will return to the Adams Foster home with exciting news. In an effort to come clean with Jesus, Emma writes him a letter but discovers he is harboring a secret of his own.

  • Mariana begins therapy in the aftermath of of Nick's actions. Brandon happens upon a type of musical therapy that he thinks will benefit Jesus.

  • Callie is anxious about her hearing while Jesus remains in the hospital; Stef and Lena are overwhelmed by the issues that are plaguing their family.

  • Jesus has a nightmare that he's unable to save Mariana while he's unconscious at the hospital. Meanwhile, Stef and Lena learn that Callie is in legal trouble; Mariana seeks comfort from Mat; and Brandon tries to hold the family together.

  • Following Jesus and Nick's fight over Mariana, Jesus is knocked out and the situation goes from bad to worse. Meanwhile, Callie finds herself in a dangerous situation after taking a ride with Troy and Mariana is overwhelmed with guilt.

  • Callie and the family put together a Justice for Jack booth at a music festival in hopes of halting Justine's foster-care bill; and Callie's intrigue in reopening Kyle murder's case places her in harm's way.

  • Brandon visits New York City for his Julliard try-out and meets a gal who forces him to take a good look at his life, including his relationship with Cortney. Meanwhile, Stef and Lena make a surprising announcement that puts the family in shock. And Callie's friendship with Aaron results in tension between her and AJ.

  • Callie does volunteer labor at Girls United, where she finds out that neighbors want the girls removed, and one resident holds a dangerous secret. Elsewhere, Mariana and Hayley put together a romantic dinner for their dates; and Ana writes Stef a disturbing letter.

  • When Jesus' birth dad, Gabe, doesn't come to work on Stef and Lena's garage, Jesus tackles the task himself and gets hurt in the process. A tired Mariana, heavy into her robotics STEAM project, takes Jesus' ADHD medicine for a boost. Callie and AJ discover themselves in an awkward situation when Mike and Brandon unexpectedly return home early.

  • Lena and Stef grow worried about the tax on their home and how it could impact the family; and Lena approaches Brandon about the money he gave to Cortney.

  • Lena is ecstatic that her family is uniting to host her a 70s-themed 40th birthday bash. But, when Lena's mother Dana shares her guesses about Stewart's behavior, it threatens to put a damper on the celebration.

  • Callie begins her senior project of taking pictures of the outside of her and Jude's seven past foster homes. But, when a surprise encounter with a former foster mom brings her inside, Callie determines to reach out to other people who have fostered her and is surprised to find out that a 17-year-old former foster sibling has been convicted of homicide.

  • Callie gets suspended after she reacts poorly to some teasing, but things begin to look up for her when she meets a young law student. Elsewhere, Mariana's classmates blame her for Nick's behavior; and Jude is invited to Taylor's youth group.

  • The Adams Foster household's on lockdown in their own house after the crisis at school; and Callie and Brandon anxiously wait for their moms to discuss their actions in Idyllwild. Also, Stef's angry when she learns Brandon snuck out to help Cortney move.

  • Tensions rise as Stef and Lena are needed when the school is put on lockdown after it's revealed that Mariana's boyfriend Nick took a gun on campus.

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